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Looking to get a new phone and pay monthly with a SIM only deal? Often working out as the cheaper option, more and more people are choosing to buy a SIM free phone outright and pay a much smaller monthly bill for their SIM card. This also allows people the flexibility of buying a new phone whenever they like and move between networks and rates as their SIM deal allows them. In terms of brands, Android users have the luxury of choice. The devices of two notable Asian companies, Samsung and Huawei, are hugely popular options.

Amongst many improvements, this has an increased battery life and introduces PowerShare, allowing you to take charge from another device. Nokia phones include both modern smartphones and those in the older style, which have been likened to bricks but, these days, are powerful and easy to use, with modern features and excellent battery life.

These are brilliant, wearable devices that display notifications, track fitness metrics, allow you to access your phone in a simple interface, reply to messages with your voice and much more. During your research, double-check for compatibility with your phone. For example, the Apple Watch only works with iPhones. With a Bluetooth set, you can also connect to a tablet or iPad, allowing you to watch films on a bigger screen. We offer three Unlimited data plans — each built around how you use mobile data. There are no limitations on the amount of data you can use, but there is a limit on the speed at which you can use your data with the Unlimited Lite and Unlimited plans.

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Speed refers to how fast your mobile data connection is. We measure it in Mbps megabits per second — the higher the Mbps, the faster the speed of your data connection on your device, and therefore the faster and smoother you can do things online on your device. In practice this impacts how quickly you can send and receive information, like loading Instagram posts, listening to Spotify, streaming videos on YouTube, downloading or uploading files or making video calls.

Not everyone uses their phone in the same way. Our Unlimited data plans are built to match how use your mobile data. Take a look at the table below for how we recommend using each plan. Remember that the actual speeds will continually vary depending on many factors such as device capabilities, location, network congestion and network coverage.

General surfing on the internet requires no more than 1 Mbps. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2 Mbps, will allow you to carry out your light browsing activities comfortably.

Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps, will allow you to carry out your browse comfortably. Facebook, including chat recommends 0. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing on Facebook.

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Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited browsing on Facebook. Spotify recommends 0. Therefore, the data speed limit of 2Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited music on Spotify. Therefore, the data speed limit of 10 Mbps will allow you to enjoy unlimited music on Spotify. Get the phone you love today, then trade it in for a new one after 12 months — with no upgrade fees. Terms apply. All Phones. Buying as a business? Exclude VAT.

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The Demotivator Stops you spending when you can't afford it. News Half of adults think banks should… State pensions to rise by 3. Steve Brigden Edited by Steve Nowottny. Facebook Twitter Print Whatsapp Mailme. For all the latest deals, guides and loopholes - join the 12m who get it. The top iPhone need-to-knows Should you get an iPhone on a contract? Compare ways of buying: contract vs buying outright. Buying upfront? Spread the cost interest-free with Apple.

When you collect the phone, ensure you opt for iPhone Payments. You'll need to take bank details, a valid UK driving licence or passport, debit card and your current mobile. Monthly repayments are made by direct debit. If you don't keep up with them, Barclays would take the same action as any other loan provider — it could result in a mark on your credit file, for example.

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Match your tariff to your usage. Sell your old phone to fund your new one. There are two ways you can do this: Flog your mobile for more There's huge demand for second-hand iPhones, so it's very much a seller's market. Flog your mobile in a hurry If you want a guaranteed amount of cash to put towards your next handset or something else entirely , mobile-recycling sites are an easy option.

Don't overestimate how much storage you need. Check the signal in your area. Do you need insurance? If your phone's stolen Watch out for auto-insurance Some retailers automatically add insurance to a mobile phone contract when you sign up online, whether you want it or not. Back up your iPhone and its data. To beat this, free services can back up this crucial info before you lose it.

Back up to the web This type of backup is becoming increasingly common. The old-school pen and paper route For all the fancy-schmancy new technologies that promise to save you time, there's still a whole lot to be said for a pen and little address book. Happy with your provider?