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You will find all the information you need via specially selected channels. One of them is the mobile app. As already said, there might be special coupons available for Black Friday so make sure you have them handy. AliExpress will announce their sales on their page as well. A directory of specific categories will lead you towards the best promotions.

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You can also keep visiting the website dedicated to Black Friday, like this one. Black Friday event is constantly changing, and AliExpress might surprise their users with an impromptu sale that will last only for a few hours or a day. Ensure you have your facts straight and act accordingly. Social media is one of the most frequently used modes of communicating between the store and the users.

Be one of them and engage in social interaction with AliExpress to hear about flash promotions and new coupon codes. AliExpress engages local and international media in their Black Friday preparation. Sometime in November of every year, the press publishes announcements from the platform about the upcoming event and best possible savings. Use your browser to find it. AliExpress makes it cheap and effortless to shop online.

20 Best Things to BUY on Aliexpress (Updated September 12222)

With such a multitude of products, it makes perfect sense that they offer selected items at such a low price. Even if you missed Black Friday, there's plenty you can do. One-day only star promotions are very time-limited so get your alert system on and check if you can be one of the lucky ones. Flash deals last only a few hours and always have a timer, so you know how much time you have to make your decision.

AliExpress' commission programme is much more generous than any other one. Can you afford not to be part of it? Visit them before the celebration and plan your shopping spree accordingly.

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When is Black Friday at AliExpress? Does the store offer any special discounts for its customers during the event? When does AliExpress Black Friday start and when does it end? What are the best Black Friday tips of which customers should be aware? What were the highest AliExpress Black Friday discount rates during the previous years?

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Above some thresholds though you will have to pay this tax and, depending on product and country, also customs. It still is usually cheaper to comparable products at home. I usually try to stay below these thresholds though. Often the sellers just declare minimal values for custom purposes themselves anyway, and then it really depends if your local customs goes through the hassle of collecting taxes and fees. In any case, you can always refuse the package once customs wants money.

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It will go back to China and you will get a refund. Buying from AliExpress is like Christmas. In fact, I would put forth, you can find more fake stuff on Amazon and eBay for sure. Apparently, AliExpress used to have that problem, but they have really cleaned up their act maybe even too much.

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On AliExpress, you do find though, products that are very similar to their branded counterparts, but lack the branding. Amazon is known for its customer centricity is that a word? That was and still is one of the core tenets Jeff Bezos set out with.

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From my experience, Amazon really tries to do right by the customer as much as they can. It seems like AliExpress has copied that aspect of business to serve its Western markets AliExpress is the arm of the Alibaba group targeted at customers in Western countries directly. I usually go by the amount of orders, the seller ratings, as well as the product ratings. Also, I would suggest to check the written feedback from customers who have bought the product, and the product pictures they have provided in their reviews.

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