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In this article we talk about some interesting facts about the city with a focus on the main issue, Marijuana. The city of Roseville began as a stagecoach stop that morphed into a railroad station.

High Times

In , the Central Pacific Railroad's little junction. How did Roseville get its name? No one knows, or at least there is no consensus pick. Others think the moniker came from a tribute to Rose Mayberry. Another myth is that the Railway men could not stop talking about a pretty waitress that worked at the station and jokingly referred the no-name settlement Roseville.

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Irregardless, when people got together to name the town, the pretty woman's name won the day. And why not? It's a beautiful flower and sounds like a great pace. Roseville was incorporated in , shortly after the railroad came to town. From to the area experienced great expansions in agriculture, food processing and industry. In this period, more than one hundred industrial buildings, offices and factories were built, including the largest ice manufacturing plant on the planet.

With the onset of World War II, the railyards became busier than ever.

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With the postwar expansion, the town continued to well. This is one of the key events in the eventual deindustrialization and devolution of American business. With the arrival of the interstate, the population of the town shifted east and old Roseville declined. Like most North American cities, in the 's and 's, residential projects, retail chains and shopping malls rearranged the basic fundamentals of business and life. Amazingly, the population of Roseville stood at only 30, people as compared to the , of today.

Major Employers Today in Roseville.


Roseville City Hall on Medical Marijuana. Roseville City Council voted to enact some minor changes in medical marijuana regulation policy. Recent changes in state law require that the city make clear, consistent and non contradicting changes in Ordinances. Marijuana Legal Issues.

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To fight a Marijuana charge, you need a qualified attorney. They believe in treatment, not jail. Police - Cannabis Files. County discusses marijuana in Roseville After being a no-show in Rocklin, Placer officials discuss plans - The Roseville Police Department has been vocally opposed to marijuana dispensaries and sanctioned outdoor grows in or near the city, and thus the conversation between county and city officials went on for well over an hour. As the possibility of marijuana dispensaries in Placer County continues to be a controversial topic, county representatives finally presented a proposal.

Roseville City Council Meeting, representatives from Placer County will provide an opportunity for the public to provide input on Placer County's current efforts to regulate medical marijuana cultivation, processing, and distribution in unincorporated Placer County including possible outdoor commercial cultivation. The county has more information about the issues, see the Placer City Website. City makes minor modifications to their medical marijuana ordinance - The Roseville City Council, like many cities throughout California have done in recent months, voted to enact some minor changes in the way the city regulates medical marijuana.

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