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In the summer, barely use any - winter, whole 'nother story. I like the rainx as well. If you keep using it, it does deposit on the paint between the sprayers and the windwhield. That's surprising you don't use any. I go though a gallon every OCI it seems. If you get a dealer OC they fill it for you. The methanol is added to keep the fluid from freezing and makes it suitable for water injection, if you are a power nut--I just thought I would throw that in there.

Winter Car Care

It may help cleaning, too, but I'm guessing that something else is the primary "cleaner" ingredient. I have used the rain-x stuff--very good IMO. I need to go get some! I prefer the Rain-x stuff. It doesn't freeze even in really cold weather. The stuff with just some sort of alcohol in it will freeze on the windshield as the alcohol evaporates first. I used to use cheaper stuff in the summer but it seems all the cheaper stuff will freeze below 32 deg. F now.

I don't really use that much in the summer but I use a ton in the winter when salt spray from other cars is hitting the windshield. From now on I'm just going to use the Rain-X all year as soon as I finish off my last few jugs of cheap stuff. I hate that the bottles all freeze and buldge in the winter and want to fall off the shelf due to the buldging bottom. I never used washer fluid either when I lived in California. Nor do I use it in the summer anywhere else. Peak must have some of their information crossed.

Originally Posted By: The Critic. You definitely have to watch the freeze point of the stuff nowadays. I got hooked on the orange Rain-X stuff a year or two ago. I use the cheap F blue mystery juice I clean my windows manually as well. But when I am driving and the windshield get dirty I use the windshield washer. I just buy whatever, right now using the washer fluid I got from Target. When I work on some cars, I noticed there are some deposits on the strainer and inside the reservoir.

I just take the reservoir out and clean the inside and rinse out the strainer.

Not sure if you leave the washer fluid in there for long period of time and not use it would cause that. My 02 Jetta has the low washer fluid indicator icon on the dash. I don't think it offers any freeze protection but my weather doesn't offer any freezing temperatures. In the winter my car may well be down in the Lowcountry one weekend, then up in the mountains the next.

Whatever, it's ensuring my wiper blades don't stay in one position. The methanol keeps the fluid from freezing in the tank and tubes.

Prestone AS-250 De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid, 1 Gallon

That way when its cold and you spray it on your windshield, especially when moving, it instantly freezes on your windshield as the methanol evaporates. I use the Rain-X stuff. In a heavy downpour just squirt a little on the windshield to boost the Rain-X affect.

If I'm going fast enough I don't even have to use the wipers! I never wash my car and If I'm unlucky, there's no squigee things at the gas station. Peak WW fluid from china mart is a must. If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. Rating: 4. Item model number: AS Item Weight: 6.

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Rain X De-Icer vs Blue Extreme Washer Fluid Video Review

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