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Their website, www. The Moor is expressed as an immaculate space, paying homage to the pioneers, and highlighting pivotal moments that mold Black culture.

It is the first Homage Hausotel, also known as a boutique home, which differentiates itself from a hotel and a bed and breakfast. The Moor, launched on July 1, , was developed on the property of a Spanish-colonial home built in Each of the four units feature living spaces, bedrooms, and kitchenettes. Their inspiration to develop such a business stemmed from experiencing the diversity and entrepreneur-driven energy of Howard University.

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Lawrence, who is from Pasadena, Calif. His professional background stretches among some of the best hotel brands in the world. He leads operations and the creative direction for properties. Carey, who dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, launched his career by working with institutional venture capital and private equity firms and helping global teams assess investment decisions. He says he was influenced by the culture of Howard, while also inspired and trained to understand business markets driven by culture. As a consummate problem solver, he leads their business strategy and fundraising efforts and currently resides in Oakland, where the flagship and second location, The Town Hotel, will open in I'm gonna have to admit that we went to the one in NOLA a few times before it closed.

New Orleans Mayor Celebrates the Unity of the Melting Pot as Confederate Statues Fall

Yes, it was stupid expensive for what it is, but it was sort of fun. The wine list was average. The service was always good. Sure, BR has plenty of places to review. Throw in the adjacent parishes, and consider non-chain, non-white tablecloth restaurants, and the Advocate could easily hit this mark. It is indeed a waste of space to tell people what they already know. Why not cover the countless independently run small restaurants with no marketing budgets?

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The "review" reads on a 6th grade reading level with the sophistication of a 6th grade diner. And a local newspaper running a negative review of a local business, with the acerbic attitude of the writer, demonstrates zero class.

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The Advocate isn't suitable for lining a bird cage. And if it was my restaurant, I would refuse to seat this oinker, Christina Stephens, who looks like she eats with her fingers. Replies 4. That may or may not be true. I mean I'm glad the useless food reviewers of The Advocate saw through the sham that is the Melting Pot, but why even waste time reviewing this place?

NOPD Officer Will Torres on the melting pot that is New Orleans

Justify the expense report? Maybe it's just me, but the entire concept has always seemed ridiculous. But you know what would make it better? To cut it up in little pieces and ALL dip it in cheese!!

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Fondue is freaking great. Its a traditional food in the Alps. I have only eaten at the Melting Pot times, and not in awhile. But they do a lot of specials and coupons, so every time that I've paid we've always done some sort of special. Which is plenty of food for Its always been quite a bit of food for me? Maybe its changed? The last time I went like 2 years ago I think we had 5 people and ordered 4 pots of food, 2 dinners and 2 desserts, and it was a ton of food for 5.

The Melting Pot, New Orleans

I'm not sticking up for it, it is what it is. Its not hard to make, but it is a lot of prep work kinda like sushi. Its not the worst thing to pay for is all I'm saying. ETA: We make it at home occasional with our kids. They love it.