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Shop for your groceries, grocery delivery services near you, have your order delivered, and save tons of time! Olive oil is a natural oil from the fruit of the olive tree. It has more benefits than making your pasta dish delicious or pairing perfectly with your favorite wine. Use apps and online resources to find all the uses and benefits of olive oil.

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Enjoy the cultural city of New Orleans through apps. Take walking tours through the graveyards, check out festivals and live music, and eat some of the best food in the country. There is so much to see and do in Nola, let apps help you not miss a beat. Learn to cook authentic Mexican food with easy recipes for traditional Mexican dishes, using ingredients already in your kitchen like chicken and rice. Cook healthy Japanese food like a pro. Compare easy recipes online, find great recipes for Japanese ramen and enjoy traditional Japanese food.

Nut allergies are a big and often deadly problem, especially around the holiday. That's why we have some advice on creating holiday treats without nuts.

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Classic slow cooker recipes are easy and low maintenance. Explore healthy recipes using chicken, pork loin, and other ingredients for quick, delicious meals. From weather predictors to budget resources and scheduling tools, mobile farming apps can keep you organized and help you get the most of your days on the farm. Buying and selling silver is a good alternative way to invest your money.

If you still don't know much about it, find out which apps can help you make a profit. Create an invoice with an invoice template and get paid straight away. Ready to step out and start your own T-shirt business? Below we have listed three tips for using apps to create your business.

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So you would like to earn money by betting on soccer. Well, here are the best apps to help you make wagers. Investment and stock trading on the go. Learn the best stocks to buy and sell now and become your own online stock broker.

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Find the perfect business card scanner. Scan business cards quickly and keep all your contacts in one handy place. Everyone is looking to boost their earnings. Check out the greatest apps that can help you invest in gold, and make your future more secure. Learn about Bitcoin cash, how to buy Bitcoin and what Bitcoin faucet is with the best Bitcoin wallet apps.

Do you and your love have your sights set on a Costa Rica honeymoon but aren't sure if you can afford it? We'll show you how to make it affordable with apps! Learn how to be a better bartender with the best mixed drinks and cocktails and up your bartender game with easy step-by-step drink recipes. Send private SMS and keep everyone from snooping in your business. Make privacy simple with these great private texting apps. Use apps and online resources to help you and your partner prepare for your wedding, and help you plan and organize your financial goals as newlyweds.

We are all busy, but making sure your partner feels special everyday is important to the health and happiness of your relationship. There are apps that can help remind you of the little things everyday and help you plan big picture stuff like relationship goals.

Movie showtime apps make it easy to make it to the movie on time, every time without the hassle of standing in line to buy your movie tickets. Flowers make a great gift for any occasion.

They can even help you get out of trouble when you have forgotten a special day without breaking the bank. Great apps can help you order flowers with one push of button. Finding the best last minute flight deals is stressful. Save hours searching for how to get a cheap last minute flight. Find flights and and book quickly. Women have to deal with lots of emotions, hormones, and moods during their monthly periods. It's worse for those who experience irregular periods. This is where menstrual flow tracker apps come in to give you control over your period days, making them easier.

Expecting your first baby as a new dad can be daunting and stressful. Make the process easier on yourself by preparing for every detail and getting a good support system for advice. Take the stress out of your due date with a host of pregnancy and OBGYN apps to keep you healthy and happy until your little bundle of joy arrives!

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Need assistance in raising a newborn? Ready to get pregnant and want to increase your chances? Get ready to welcome a new life with helpful tips and diets to help you prepare your body and your mind. Start getting ready for that new arrival with these top-rated women's health and newborn care apps! Must-have tools for pediatric caregivers! Compare drug guides, vital signs, and child-specific treatment information in the top-rated pediatric reference apps. Traveling with young kids can seem really scary.

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Forgot password? Sign Up Now. Already have an account? Log in. Sign Out. Popular Bundles in Money. See All. Install Google Play App Store. Save Saved. App Description. Stay up to date on the latest product releases and shop directly from October's Very Own on your Android Device. Read More Read Less.

Stay up to date on the latest product releases and shop directly from October's Very Own on your iPhone. People who viewed this app also viewed. Best Apps for Becoming a Successful Sports Card Collector Sporting card apps can not only help you find the rarest cards on the market, but they also direct you to the best deals and forums in which to trade your cards with others.

Best Apps for Star Wars Enthusiasts Stars Wars mobile apps will not only update you on the latest news and release dates, but they can also help you find great deals on collectibles and connect with other fans. Best Apps to Maintain Your Swimming Pool You can stop throwing your money away on expensive pool maintenance services that you have to hire every season.

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  7. Dress Well. Best Apps to Have a Great Sneaker Collection Build your sneaker collection to celebrity status by searching, buying, and selling the latest and rarest brands and styles of sneakers from your phone. Best Apps to Keep Up with Latest Fashion Trends Keep up with the latest fashion trends out there so that you can always have a stylish, up-to-date wardrobe or great advice to give others who want to dress like you.

    Best 10 Men's Shopping Apps Create your own unique style for the best value! Top Apps to Save Money with Thrift Store Shopping Save money and get the best items available at both local and online thrift stores so that you can wear the best clothes for cheap or make some money reselling these diamonds in the rough. Must-Have Apps to Shop Online in India Are you looking for a convenient way to shop and at the same time score some great bargain deals in India?

    Best 10 Shoe Shopping Apps Find your next favorite pair of shoes and buy them on the spot with the best shoe shopping apps. Best Apps to Buy Sunglasses in India Finding the best sunglasses that make you look fashionable, protect your eyes, and are easy on your wallet is not only fun but effortless with applications.

    Make My Kids Happy. Best 10 Camping Apps Go off the grid with confidence for your camping trip. Best 10 Apps for Kids' Music Get the kids involved in the magic of music with fun and exciting musical adventures like nursery rhymes, dance, and music teaching videos. Best Apps to Help Your Kid in a Pinewood Derby Contest Pinewood Derby apps can take your racer to the next level by showing you the best ways to create the cars, stand out from the crowd, and find great deals on the necessary materials.

    Best 10 Apps for Kids Entertainment Kids' entertainment is a full-time job! Best 10 Hiking Map Apps Discover inspiration for your next outdoor adventure with great hiking maps. Must Have Apps for Stamp Collectors Venturing into stamp collecting does not have to be a daunting task.

    Make Home Beautiful. Best Apps for Building Your Own Home If you are interested in building your own home, use apps and online resources to learn how to build a design, what steps you need to make before beginning to build, and how to create a floor plan so you can budget for materials needed.

    Best Apps to Inspire Home Renovation Planning to remodel your old home and turn it into a more inviting and cozy space to live in? Best 10 Garage Sale Apps Love a great garage sale?

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    Have a Dream Wedding. Must-Have Apps to be a Great Best Man If you want to be a great Best Man in the history of weddings, or you just don't want to get overwhelmed with the planning, let these user-friendly resources and apps be your guide. Best 10 Apps for Finding Wine Choosing and shopping for wine made easy.